1. guydirectioners:

    Niall and Harry closely listening to a story. lol

  2. fiveedjits:

    harry behind the scenes of live while we’re young

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  3. guydirectioners:

    Sassy Louis leaving the studio.

  4. guydirectioners:

    Niall at Orlando.

  5. 1dbromance:

    Vain Louis [x]

  8. guydirectioners:

    Niall throughout the concert tonight. [x/x]

  9. i’ll fight their doubts and give you faith with this song

  10. Nine pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch requested by Nirrka & Zeynepdenizfindik.

  11. Hey, for fuck’s sake, enough already! We are being chased by ravenous freaks. Like we don’t have enough problems. Oh, they stole my hummer. Oh, we have trust issues. Well get over it! We can’t just fucking drive down the road playing I Spy or some shit for two hours like four normal-ass Americans?! Fuck me!

  12. What was the first instrument you played?